Previous posts touched on Requirements, Search Criteria, Market Research, Selection Criteria and RFPs.   All of these activities bring you to this point.

Your long list of HRIS solutions will have been narrowed down by all of the above activities and you will have eliminated non compliant / non relevant vendors as a natural output of these activities.

The Selection Criteria within the RFP further helped refine the vendors you targeted for in-depth responses to your requirements.  Once you have the RFP and have held demonstrations or trials you are ready for your final shortlisting.

Elimination begins at the simplest point.  If the response is negative, remove the vendor from the vendor listing, if positive, carry on to the next question.

  1. Can the vendor provide the requested information in the time allocated?
  2. Is the €/$/£ quoted for the solution within budget?
  3. Does the vendor’s response align with the agreed selection criteria? e.g. implementation approach, project team, resourcing, support capability etc.
  4. How complex is the implementation and will you require partners to complete it?  Is the business ready for this complexity and resource ask?
  5. What was the feedback on the systems demonstration?
  6. Do your IT and HR teams have a ‘good feeling’ about the vendor.  In other words, was there positive chemistry with the vendor.

You should have 2 or 3 vendors at this point although you may just have one 🙂

All others should have been eliminated based on the selection criteria and feedback loops on the RFP/demo process.

Now onward to negotiation.

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