Previous posts dealt with HRIS requirements and HRIS search criteria.  Ahead of issuing an RFP a little bit of market research will be well worth the effort.   Be warned this can take time.

  • If you have the budget and licences make use of suppliers such as Gartner, Forrester or IDC which conduct research and have specialist analysts. This is particularly useful for larger enterprises where your target systems will likely involved a significant investment.
  • Pick your favourite search engine and check out the results
  • Use comparison sites like (acquired by Gartner) and getapp and check out the reviews.
  • Engage a subject matter expert
  • Talk to your network – what are they using?  (Be cautious with this approach.  Some negative reviews may be due to badly implemented or inappropriate solutions rather than the solution itself being ‘bad’.)
  • Get the project team to talk to their network.
  • What are your competitors using?

Remember you have a checklist for the HRIS search criteria – use it.  It will help you eliminate solutions which are inappropriate at the outset.  Keep in mind that the solution you are looking for should be sized to ‘fit’ your business.

This exercise should result in a list of vendors that just might cater for your business needs.  This is your initial vendor listing. Next up engage with vendors and arrange demos and/or trial the solutions.

What other market research methods have you used?

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