Earlier blogs focused on Project Initiation and establishing a Project Team.  Once the project has been approved we move onto the next key activity – requirements definition.

Requirements are the bedrock of your HRIS selection process.  If you don’t know what you want and need how will you know if you are investing in a solution which will work for your business?   As you can see from the header image the requirements document will feed several other activities during your system selection journey.


I’ve developed a simple requirements template which you can download here to help get you up and running.  It includes a few samples so you are not starting with a blank page.  Breaking up the requirements gathering into logical chunks will help. 

For example, collect requirements for HR administration (transactions), payroll (even if you are not implementing a payroll HR normally provides a feed so you will have some requirements in this space), HR Analytics, Learning and Development, Performance Management, Benefits and Compensation Management, IT Security, Compliance, etc.

You will notice that I’ve included non HR functions.  The HR solution provides service to the whole business in one form or another.  You may find that functions in your business may require solutions such as elearning e.g. Compliance, IT Security, and Customer Services.  HR providing a centralised managed online solution which removes administration headaches, reporting burdens and  improves performance could result in internal supporters for the project and possibly additional budget. 

Reality check!!!  To be realistic there is no single solution out there that will provide 100% of your requirements however the key is to look for the best fit for your business with the view to achieving your vision.  You don’t want to end up investing months of effort, resources, and company funds on a solution which looks great but only provides for 5% of your overall needs.  

The next post focuses on some follow up activities once you have defined your requirements.

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