As part of Project Initiation you need to establish resources for the HRIS selection process.

Larger enterprises – start pulling in the right resources to establish your team. For example

  • Key Stakeholders for support, view of strategy and future business needs.
  • Business Analyst/s for requirements gathering and process definition.
  • Project Manager to ensure successful delivery of the project.  Get your PM early as they are most effective for the full life cycle of the project.
  • Subject Matter Experts with deep knowledge of business and processes (HR and other departments).
  • Internal Comms to guide and support change management.
  • Information Technology from an operational standpoint (requirements definition, IT strategy, and processes such as onboarding etc).
  • Information Technology from a Security standpoint (assessment and validation of vendor security solutions).
  • Procurement to run the RFP and vendor negotiations.
  • HR Lead.
  • Third party partners (key decision on whether to run the full process internally or acquire a partner to support selection and implementation). 

Smaller enterprises – don’t panic!  Yes, you will have to do most of this yourself.  Try to incorporate budget for additional resources if at all possible.  If not look to your internal skill sets.  You may be surprised! 

Either way you need to have an IT partnership to successfully integrate any new HR solution with the business, whether it is cloud based or on-premise.  So look to establish a working group and get started on engaging IT operations and security and look to the next step – requirements gathering.

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