You know ‘the role’.  The one you always wanted.  The one you thought about when you started out.  It is still there.  Several people have had it since you first thought about it.

It’s a few years on.  The role is conceivably within your reach.  What is stopping you from going for it?

Sometimes we limit ourselves.  I’m not ready, not qualified, not experienced enough.  Is this the ‘truth’ or self doubt?

Take a step back.  Look at the role specification.  Take another look at your CV.

Ok, how about updating your CV first? 🙂

Take a look at the gaps between your experience and ‘the role’.

  • Is the gap really that big?
  • Do you match 50%, 60%, 80% of the requirements?
  • Do you have other experience which may bridge the gap?

Now, look at the role again.  What is holding you back?  It is very rare for someone to fit 100% of the role specification.

Sometimes we are our own harshest critic and sometimes what we wanted in our twenties isn’t quite what we want in our thirties.  It is worthwhile doing some more research on the role.  Are you sure it is really ‘the role’ for you now?

  • Does the role enable you to have the lifestyle you want?
  • Will there be additional responsibility/stress?
  • Will there be travel?  Does this suit?  Does this excite you or is it daunting?
  • What are the working hours like?
  • Does the role require leadership skills/people management skills?

If it is still ‘the role’, think about the steps that could you take to move yourself towards the role.  Below are some options which may be worth checking out.

  • Just apply for the role – what is the worst that can happen?
  • Reach out informally to people that hold this type of role.  Ask them about the realities of working situation.
  • There is always formal education but maybe informal experience may be required.  Volunteerism is a good way to gain leadership/people management experience.
  • Search out a mentor that have experience in the role/industry.
  • Join the appropriate professional bodies and attend the events – start building a network

“Being confident and believing in your own self-worth is necessary to achieving your potential.”

Sheryl Sandberg ‘Lean In’


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